Electrical Works

EICR – Electrical Installation Condition Report

EICR is an electrical inspection carried out within a premises to determine if the existing electrical installation is still in good condition and remains safe to use, as over time electrical installation do wear out, hence making it very important for such inspection to be carried out to protect its users and minimise fire risks.

Do I need an EICR?

The EICR is a legal requirement as per the Electricity at Work Regulation 1989, and from April 2020 it became a legal requirement for rented properties. Having an EICR inspections carried out not only allows you to meet your legal requirements, but also it provide you with the peace of mind that the occupants of the premises would be safe from any electrical hazards and it also provide the assurances of your property being safe.

Electrical Installations

We can also carry out any remedial works required to fix any issues, may it be from the EICR inspections or a new fault. We have highly qualified electrician to carry out any new wiring or any additional wiring to an existing system.

What to expect from an EICR?