Fire Risk

Fire Risk Assessment

Why you might need a fire risk assessment?

Fire risk assessment is a legal obligation as per Regulatory Reforms (FSO) 2005. This is carried out so you can comply with the up to date legislation and regulation in place, it is a careful look at your premises and the people who uses them, from a fire prevention perspective. It’s about understanding the potential risks, then improving your fire safety precautions to keep people safe.

What is a Fire Risk Assessment?

Our specialist risk assessor, once having carried out a site visit, will then produce a written report of their findings detailing compliance, advice, and recommendations. The report is structured to provide the on site responsible person with information and a clear overview of any potential fire risk or hazard, and will provide recommendation on how to reduce or eliminate the risk.

What are the benefits?

Apart from keeping a business in line with current legislation in place at the time, it also provide the added benefit of reducing the risk of fire which in essence save lives and livelihood. As we know prevention is better than cure, and a fire risk assessment is that prevention in a way. As statistic shows many businesses which suffers a fire disaster finds it very difficult to get the business back on track due to the added liabilities such as high insurance premium, loss of trade, and in some cases financial penalties, and a considerable number of businesses never recovers.